Amsterdam City Archives

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Vijzelstraat 32
1017 HL Amsterdam

Want to book a guided tour? What does a reproduction cost? For more information, call our information centre at 020-2511510 on workdays between 09.00 and 17.00.

We maintain the archives of the city authority, as well as those of private organisations and companies that have a connection with Amsterdam. The archives is open to the public. We also communicate the knowledge about the city contained in the archive through our range of publications, exhibitions and events.

The City Archives for Amsterdam’s worldwide residents!

Amsterdam is home to more nationalities than any other city in the world. Its inhabitants all make the city what it is, a bustling melting pot of people and cultures. Every person who has come to Amsterdam to settle has made a life for themselves here. They have all made their mark and put down roots. The City Archives is keen to retain the heritage of its migrants for the future. For this we need help!